Types of environmental changes that we need to be aware of


Vegans don’t eat anything of animal origin, and they will tell you that veganism has improved their lives, helping them look and feel better. For many, though, being a vegan is like a kind of a philosophy and not so much a diet. They say that veganism is a good choice for feeding the world’s burgeoning populations. In spite of the many types of environmental changes we are facing, they tell us veganism has a low environmental footprint. The truth is . When you look at certain areas in the world, you can see that agriculture has been massively destructive. The massive, uncontrolled human populations mean massive ecosystems being destroyed to plant more and more crops to feed more and more people. The types of environmental changes we are seeing because of forests being chopped down to make way for crops is devastating. Flooding, droughts, insects and crazy temperatures are making it that soon we won’t be able to grow crops. Yes, veganism can do many positive things for our health, but at what price for our ailing planet?


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