Global warming health effects

As our populations grow out of control and we chop down forests and abuse our oceans, climates are changing. Our relentless abuse on nature has meant that the world is producing more hot spots, and the risk of illness is increasing too. There are some areas of the world that have always enjoyed mild climates but who now find that the extreme heat combined with humidity is becoming hellish. Global warming health effects are brought about by us humans, and drought and flooding bring with it new, perilous illnesses. In fact, scientists tell us that global warming can bring about outbreaks of harmful bacteria. A 500 year old clam gives evidence of climate change too and scientists who have been studying the world’s longest-living animal, the quahog clam, reveal that the chemistry in the growth rings of these clams shows that global warming health effects can be expected to deteriorate as the global warming goes further. The terrifying fact is that these scientists believe we have reached a point of no return.

Global warming health effects


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