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The Importance of Mindfulness and Focusing on Our Senses

Being aware of our outer and inner surroundings is important, but there is a unique balance one wants to strive for. If you live or focus on the five senses – touch, taste, smell, hear, and feel you will be more “present” in the moment.

Thinking of past circumstances obsessively leads to depression, worrying about the future leads to the natural remedy for so much of what plagues our state of being, is shifting our thoughts in the mind to our senses.

An easy example of how to do this is to enjoy a cup of tea or coffee.  Just this one cup of coffee I am enjoying can lead to amazing shift of consciousness if I am able to release my other thoughts, and focus on the smell, the feel of the mug, and enjoy the taste of this wonderful brew; this allows me to use three senses just by being mindful of and appreciating the present experience of this cup of coffee.

mindfulness awareness and being in touch with your senses

Studies on how using our senses help us with mindfulness are increasing with each year.┬áThe benefits are so incredible it’s hard to believe we aren’t seeing mindfulness classes for our high school students and required course work for college students. This is, truly the natural way to reduce stress, lower our emotional reactivity, increase focus, cognitive flexibility, and relationship satisfaction.

Mindfulness is more than just being present and a bit more zen, it’s a practice that leads to improvements in nearly every measurable area.

Take some time and find your way into the miracles that lie on the other side of this practice.