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How to be positive

How to be positive
In today’s day and age being positive is something we cannot overlook. So the question is how to be positive when you are surrounded by a negative environment. Now that is in itself a negative thought. The question is how to overcome it ? There are two dimensions of being positive. It is in thought and in action. To learn how to be positive first the thoughts need to be taken care of. Thoughts create your reality. When you think something and keep on thinking sooner or later it will be part of your world. Having positive thoughts later convert into attitudinal change which has a positive impact on your life. Once you have control over the direction of your thoughts then positivity can seep in to make your world better.There are some simple steps to achieve success by positive thinking.

(1) Substitute negative thoughts with positive ones . This takes effort but can be done.

(2) Focus on what you want and relate it with good things.

(3) Take actions to achieve your goals, which have now been refined at the thought level.