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Air Pollution Awareness – Part 1


The invisible is the most important aspect of life. It is all around us and helps us perform basic tasks. The fact that earth has breathable air makes it a living planet. But what are we doing with this natural resource? We are polluting it by the way we humans are living. More and more burning of fossil fuel adds carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide in the air. Chemical fumes like Sulphur Dioxide and Nitrogen Dioxide are damaging the whole ecosystem. We care for our daily needs and  the costs that entails, we even take Pay day loans for the purpose of doing so. But who will care for the daily needs of the environment? That is a big question.

Air Pollution – A Basic Know How

The basic thing to know is that air is polluted by two kinds of pollutants – Primary and Secondary. Primary pollutants are the gases emitted from various sources. Examples of primary pollutants are Sulphur Dioxide from industries and Carbon dioxide from any kind of combustion. Secondary pollutants are formed by mingling of the primary pollutants. The fogs and smog in cities are examples of secondary pollutants.

Now lets us examine the various causes of air pollution. All of us are aware about the burning of fossil fuels in automobiles which is a major cause of air pollution. All the ground, air and sea vehicles running on petroleum products produce poisonous gases like Nitrogen Dioxide, Carbon Dioxide and Carbon Dioxide. Also add to that the carbon particles emitted. A dangerous mix, which causes major respiratory and heart related ailments. But use of fossil fuels cannot be stopped, but should be minimized.

Agricultural activities also are responsible for air pollution. Insecticides, pesticides are all harmful for the air. Along with it the fertilizers produce ammonia which damages the ozone layer. There are more causes of air pollution like mining operations which release dust and chemicals in air and also construction work which is responsible for suspended particulate matter in the air. More about the effect of air pollution in the next post